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Bubble - Twelve Light Linear Pendant
Nest - Six Light Pendant
by  PLC Lighting
Dolce - Five Light Chandelier
Enigma - Twelve Light Chandelier
Antasia - Three Light Flush Mount
Beverly - Twenty-two Light Pendant
Lumisphere - Three Light Flush Mount
Beverly - Seven Light Pendant
Drizzle - Three Light Semi-Flush Mount
Hydro - Six Light Flush Mount
Bolero - Eighteen Light Flush Mount
Polipo - 16 Inch Three Light Flush Mount
Avatar - Six Light Ceiling Spot
Circus - Eight Light Flush Mount
Contempo - Two Light Flush Mount
Segretto - One Light Pendant
Antasia - One Light Flush Mount
Lumisphere - Three Light Pendant
Highland - Six Light Chandelier
Corteo - Four Light Flush Mount
Dew - Eight Light Chandelier
Hydrogen - Thirty-seven Light Pendant
Comolus - Eight Light Flush Mount
Bubbles - Ten Light Pendant
by  PLC Lighting
Charme - Nine Light Flush Mount
Tear Drop - One Light Tall Pendant
Highland - Five Light Pendant
Sidney - One Light Pendant
Beverly - Sixteen Light Pendant
Ribbon - Sixteen Light Pendant
Enigma - Eight Light Chandelier
Mabel - Six Light Chandelier
Bubbles - Twelve Light Pendant
Wright - Four Light Pendant
by  Thomas Lighting
Reg. $329.40 Save 70%
$99.20 Clearance
Sioux - 37 Inch 540W 6 LED Pendant
Reg. $854.00 Save 54%
$390.00 Clearance
Tali - One Light Pendant With Fleur Flower Glass
Reg. $168.42 Save 72%
$46.80 Clearance
Playa - 8.8 Inch 8W 1 LED FreeJack Pendant
by  Visual Comfort Modern Collection
Reg. $505.27 Save 5%
$480.02 Clearance
Paladin-28W 8 LED Chandelier in Farmhouse Style-39.38 Inches Wide by 29.75 Inches High
by  Innovations Lighting
Wyngate - 9 Inch 15W 2 LED Square Flush Mount
Reg. $208.42 Save 58%
$88.00 Clearance

Would someone consider placing fluorescent lighting in a bedroom that was supposed to be relaxing? The answer to this question would probably be no. Ceiling lighting can help to determine the mood of a room. Softer lighting is usually used in bedrooms and living room areas. Stark fluorescent lighting would not be relaxing while attempting to get ready for bed in the evening. Every area of a home has its own personality and charm, and the lighting should match the decor and design of the room. A traditional home would require a completely different lighting scheme than a contemporary home. Merging two very different lighting styles can leave a room with a less than appealing appearance.

The ceiling height and space in a room will also determine the lighting style. Vaulted ceilings can entertain a large Chandeliers. Ceilings that are higher than a standard eight foot ceiling can encompass a pendant or larger light as well. Lower ceilings would need more consideration of flush mount lighting to light a room. Depending on the size of a room, recessed lighting is a great option so the focal point isn't a very large and bright light in a room while the corners are dark. Inexpensive fixtures are just that, inexpensive. They will not light up a room and add charm like high end lighting will.

A great example of lights than some individuals use are the cheap rope lights that are made of plastic or rubber. Some individuals use this type of lighting to brighten a room or for the top of kitchen cabinets. These types of lights turn yellow and crack over time. Proper ceiling lights can eliminate this problem. A mixture of recess lights and pendant lights can brighten a room much better and more eloquently than some cheap rubber tubed lighting. Bathrooms are another room that careful planning for light choices need to be made. Entering a dark tub or shower can create a safety concern. Using a mirror without proper lighting to apply make-up could be a disaster.

Ceiling lighting can be chosen with a variety of finishes. An owner can choose a shiny chrome fixture for a modern house or bronze tones for a traditional home. Coming home to a house at night that has better lighting can leave the occupants feeling safe when there's no dark spots they can't see into. When choosing lighting, choose high quality fixtures that match both the style of the home and the taste of the homeowner from Kichler lighting.

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