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The perfect chandelier can add style and sophistication to any room. That is why choosing the right size chandelier is so important. At our customer service agents can walk you through process of deciding if you need a large chandelier or a small chandelier for your home.


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A chandelier is a long-term investment capable of allowing homeowners to reimagine the atmosphere of any room. As such, homeowners can strategically use chandeliers to add elegance and class to their interiors. Still, because chandeliers attract attention by nature and demand a central position, these fixtures are capable of altering a room's character and shaping future design choices.

Because of this impact, homeowners want to ensure they carefully consider each aspect during a chandelier purchase, analyzing everything from the strength of a fixture's light to its size. For instance, while a seemingly small detail, the color of a chandelier can have a substantial impact on how guests view the established decor. Classic chandeliers may clash with strong colors, while chandeliers with textures and delicate flourishes may be overwhelmed in this setting.

With so much to consider each step of the way, the help of easy-to-use guides can be invaluable. By making an effective purchase with the help of experts, however, homeowners can not only rejuvenate their home's look, but also provide the right lighting for a host of events and activities.

At, we seek to provide the high-quality chandelier selections that can add to any home. We also make the process easy with the wealth of expertise we provide to potential buyers right here on our convenient website.

Questions to ask before buying a chandelier

In addition to choosing a chandelier based on its color, finish and style, practical considerations must also be made. Perhaps the most important is ensuring that the chandelier homeowners buy is right for their space. While large chandeliers can overpower a room, small fixtures look out of place. As such, purchasing a fixture with the appropriate height, width and depth is essential.

Before purchasing a Crystorama Sutton Collection chandelier or Vaxcel traditional chandelier, for example, homeowners should ask certain questions. By determining how high the ceiling is, the size and shape of any nearby tables, the size of the room in which the fixture is being installed and the form and design of the chandelier, homeowners can make an informed buying choice.

Choosing classic or modern chandeliers

The word chandelier conjures up a certain image in the mind of buyers. When mentioned, most homeowners think of the gilded, crystal fixtures common in luxury hotels. However, not all chandeliers cling to the old definition or its established rules. Contemporary chandeliers allow homeowners to embrace an alternative style, and this choice has further ramifications.

For example, homeowners may be able to more easily bend the established rules regarding their lighting with a modern fixture. Daring designers can place small chandeliers over sofas or a fireplace, or even move it from its traditional central position for added effect.

The benefits of shopping for high-quality chandeliers on At, we know that buyers put a great amount of thought and time into picking the perfect chandeliers for their home. That's why we provide a vast selection of top quality contemporary, pendant and wrought iron chandeliers in every size, shape, color and brand.

With our detailed purchasing guides, you can get exact figures on the chain length, wire length, backplate dimensions and weight of your chosen chandelier. And with detailed photos that allow you to closely inspect our products, you can be sure that you will be well informed about any product you buy, so that after you open the box, the only thing you'll be surprised about is how stunning your new chandelier looks.

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