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Childrens Lighting

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A child spends quite a bit of time in their room playing, sleeping and learning. It should be a place they enjoy going and feel comfortable in. When it's time to change the nursery into a bedroom and update the room for the growing child, it might be time to look at the childrens lighting options. It's a good idea to have the child help choose the design for the new room so it's sure to be something they're going to love.

Help Them Pick a Plan

A child hasn't had the chance to design a room yet, but that doesn't mean they don't have ideas. They may love trains and want to have them all over their room or they may love flowers and want a room that looks like a garden. No matter what they want, there's a variety of accessories that can make their design a reality. It's important to give them a chance to say what they want and work with them to find a design that they really love. This way, they can be proud they've helped design their own room and they'll love playing in it. Give them some time to think about what they really want and help them narrow the options to just one design they'll really love.

Adding New Lights

In a nursery, the only lights might be the ceiling lights and a nightlight mom or dad can use to navigate the room without waking the baby. Once the child is big enough to remodel their room, it might be necessary to add in more lights. Table lamps can be turned on easily when they need a stronger light for reading and wall sconces can add to the overall lighting in the room. The child can help pick out the lighting fixtures they enjoy and the parent can help them pick ones that will match the theme of their room.

Finding the Right Fixtures

It's often easier to look at the fixtures available online with the child. They can see all of the options and the parent can help them choose the right fixtures for their room. Brands like Craftmade Fans, Elk Lighting, and Lite Source offer a variety of fixtures to fit in with any child's room. From desk lamps shaped like rockets to ceiling lamps shaped like basketballs or flowers, the child can find anything they might like to fit the theme of their room. Once the child has found the fixtures they love, they're going to be excited waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

Upgrading from a nursery to a toddler room can be a lot of fun for the child. It's important to keep safety in mind when selecting light fixtures to be sure there won't be cords hanging in the child's reach or light bulbs they can touch by climbing. It can be a lot of fun for the child to design their own room and choosing the right lighting fixtures can complete the room they have in mind. Take the time to look around online with them and let them choose the right fixtures to make their room extra special.

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