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Select this to look at products that are designed to withstand Coastal/Marine environments.

A marine or coastal light is resistant against humidity and corrosion from on-shore winds coming from large bodies of water. In the majority of cases, the protection is from saltwater corrosion.

Sometimes the outdoor lighting is a bit forgotten, but one must remember that this area needs to be well lit to improve vision and to decorate the outside of the house. The lights outside and its location (usually located on walls or facades to emphasize light in corridors or to decorate the area with light) are prepared to withstand inclement weather and other changes smoothly and efficiently. Hinkley Lighting is made of a resilient material resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. You have to consult the Protection Index (IP) when choosing lighting, something that determines the protection from dust and water. As a general rule, you can establish that the greater the protection, the more protected the equipment.

Selection criteria

Outdoor sconces are lamps that are fixed into the wall. They can provide an open light, giving the illusion of brightness, or can be directed to illuminate a particular area. They are resistant to atmospheric agents and any harshness that can occur outdoors. They have three functions (and, therefore, three factors you have to consider when choosing a type of Kichler lighting for the exterior of your home):

  • Being functional is the main purpose of these elements; to illuminate areas in every way possible.
  • Then there is the guarantee of security. Having the lights on or lights with motion detectors inhibit potential thieves, ensuring greater safety in the home.
  • Aesthetic exterior wall lighting decorates the area where the lights are placed, creating a beautiful environment... Note that there are fixtures with motion detectors, which only lights the walkway a person takes. These types are ideal for home or garage entrances. There are several different proposals that illuminate the exterior of a house or garden. Before choosing outdoor pier lights, note where you need the light pointed (wall, ceiling, floor...), the kind of light you need and Protection Index (IP) or degree of protection against dust and moisture. In the case of being in areas close to water (as in the case of the beach), a higher IP is needed.

Types and Styles

Ascending Outdoor Lighting is where the light beam is directed upward. It is most often used in focal areas. Then there are descending lights, which is when the light beam is directed downward. It is generally more open and produces more light, so it is mainly used on terraces or gardens to give light to wider spaces. What style of Hinkley lighting do you need? There are different styles of Exterior Wall Lighting fixtures suitable for different tastes and finishes. Among them you can find:

  • Classic Style are lights with conventional aesthetics and classical forms. It is the most used in homes that have a rustic aesthetic appeal.
  • Modern Style are the sets designed under an innovative line of Kichler lighting that contribute to a decorative and modern touch, and a different type of lighting effects.

The light output of outdoor pier lights is the amount of light emitted from a bulb and is expressed in lumens (lm). The more lumens, the higher the light intensity. You need to consider the power you need depending on the number of light sources in the same room. Another important factor is the consumption of the bulb you will need that apply. This is measured in watts (W). A lower wattage, the higher the bill savings.

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