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by  PLC Lighting
Glacier 1-lite Vanity
by  PLC Lighting
Nest - Two Light Wall Sconce
Fluoron - Two Light Wall Sconce
Corteo - Two Light Wall Sconce
Concerto - One Light Wall Sconce
Nest - Four Light Bath Bar
by  PLC Lighting
Julian-I - 12.5 Inch 1 LED Wall Sconce
Reg. $152.00 Save 61%
$59.90 Clearance
Gemini Crystal Vanity-Wall Fixture
Reg. $24.00 Save 25%
$18.00 Clearance
Sean Lavin - LED Wall Sconce
by  Visual Comfort Modern Collection
Reg. $356.00 Save 80%
$71.20 Clearance
1-Light Wall Sconce
by  Dolan Lighting
Reg. $27.54 Save 20%
$22.03 Clearance
Newport - One Light Wall Sconce - 7.5 Inches Wide by 6 Inches High
by  Hudson Valley Lighting
Reg. $184.00 Save 1%
$182.40 Clearance
Julian-II - 19.5 Inch 2 LED Wall Sconce
Reg. $262.00 Save 62%
$99.90 Clearance
Sean Lavin - LED Wall Sconce
by  Visual Comfort Modern Collection
Reg. $408.00 Save 80%
$81.60 Clearance

Wall sconce lighting is quite versatile. It can be used to provide interior or exterior lighting. They can be used on porches or outside walls to eliminate fall hazards and increase safety. Kichler lighting, for example, has an extensive outdoor collection that includes wall sconces in finishes such as brushed steel, weathered chrome, and caramel.

It can be a supplement to central lighting or light the whole room, if overhead lighting is not available. They also vary in size. Small ones used for accent lighting or used in clusters for brighter light. Large ones, and those with multiple light bulbs, are often used in hallways, along staircases, or on divider walls between rooms.

Wall Light Fixtures:

Visual Comfort Modern Collection is another example of fixtures that are found mounted to the wall. They are used in home theaters, above computer desks for extra lighting, near electronic equipment, and as directional lighting above or below artwork or family pictures that adorn the walls. It is also used in offices and hospitals to draw attention to framed credentials or awards.

Other wall lights consist of mounted swing arm lights. They can remain flush to the wall when not in use, or when needed just for reading. When more light is desired, the arm swings out to cast light over a coffee table or lower down for needlepoint or other crafts. Some have several lights and can extend a long way. Those are perfect for game playing in the living room, or if people want to read on the couch.

Dining Room Lighting:

Lighting for the dinning room often consists of a combination of ceiling lights and wall sconce lighting to give homeowners a choice of brightness. For holiday or big family meals, celebrations and parties, or doing homework, the ceiling light provides plenty of light. There are other times when the warmth of a subtle light is much more desirable for that room. A romantic dinner, a serious conversation over coffee, or discussing ideas for the next family vacation, does not need full light.

Pendant lighting is also a great idea for the dining room because small ones can be staggered at different heights to provide a wave of light or clustered for bright light. Big ones can be used as the sole light as well. Chandeliers also provide wonderful light fir the dining room. It also adds a sense of elegance and luxury.

Whichever style of lighting is decided upon, the easiest way to purchase it is online. Websites provide the opportunity to view many types of lighting from dozens of manufacturers. Customers can browse styles and designs and compare them to make a final decision. Any physical store customers visit will have a limited amount of options on display. They do not have the room for an extensive selection of lighting. Some manufacturers have over five thousand products among all their collections and there is no way a traditional retailer can offer that much variety. Sites also have the advantage of offering discounted pricing because they do such a large amount of business. They can also offer promotions, sales, and low shipping rates to customers.

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